It's 5am, Gemma is nursing, and only the light of the phone can be seen in the darkness. Her breathing is soft, rhythmic and comforting. The horn of the train wails in the distance as though it's quite pissed it can't be snug in bed as well. Surely everyone must be in bed, right? I hear you train.

Browsing the web for a local deli about to open up led me back to my old stomping grounds, and I thought an update was in order. It's only been over a year!


Zephyr is two years old and still amazing.

Tony is still the most loving father and thoughtful husband.

Tokyo and Hoyt have been missing our attention for awhile now :(

Gemma is three months and a complete joy.

Life is good!


A New Summer

Summer is here and this one is special.  It's the first as a mom.  It's hard to believe that a year ago my sweet little Zephyr was chilling cozily in me.  Now he's laughing, mimicking, crawling, flirting; doing it all!  I've been basking in the rays of contentment that comes when I am able to spend all of my days with my loving boy and husband. I'm sporting a new do', we bought some land, we're hitting the roads, and best of all we laugh with our little guy who amazes us everyday with his burstful energy and unique personality. 


Happiness Like This

Zephyr is four months old and a complete joy. Our world is filled with smiles, squeals, and lovely yellow poop. Little would I have thought that keeping a watchful eye for a baby to roll onto his tummy by himself would bring such suspense and pride, but alas it does! With babies making their grand entrances all around us in our circle of friends and family, these gentle souls have never been more captivating to me, especially my sweet boy.


time is a flying...

my little man z turned a month old last week, time has really flown by. the first two weeks were definitely trying times as all three of us adjusted to our new life together: z being outside of the womb, me breastfeeding every two hours and healing from the c-section, and tony and i saying goodbye to sleeping through the night. but boy has it been worth it! zephyr is the sweetest little soul. his precious face and big brown eyes make every moment a reminder of how lucky and blessed we are and how far we've come to be here. at a month old he is starting to have more control of his neck and he's addicted to looking around. he is locking eyes with us more and it's the most fun to carry on a conversation of coos and aahs with him. he is starting to smile a lot more and that of course instantly melts our hearts.



at two weeks of age, zephyr's smiles come quick and mostly due to gas. but boy do they melt my heart. i got really lucky with the shot below.